How we work

Clear processes
& expectations

Employing data systems validated to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, every stage of the Pharmalytics process is fully electronic.

As well as introducing a level of GMP compliance that has never been available in a contract GMP laboratory In Australia before, this means we can offer an unparalleled level of consistency when customising your analytical requirements.

Good communication
Combined with countless years of experience in pharmaceutical analysis, quality assurance and regulatory affairs, we are far more than just a testing laboratory. We are an accountable and innovative partner to our customers, going to new lengths to support your existing products or the registration of new medicines, formulations and dosage forms.
Honesty &
Even with the most advanced sytems in the industry, a contract testing laboratory can be made immeasurably better by its people. So at Pharmalytics we seek out professionals who are committed to personal excellence, and who are driven to encourage their teammates to achieve the highest standards they can, as well. When you engage our team to test and analyse your products, you can be assured you are bringing in the most exacting, skilled and ethical people in pharmaceutical analysis, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.
Regular updates
With a true end-to-end service, we will remove the headache commonly experienced in the analysis of your product and take on board the regulatory requirements, GMP compliance and most importantly, scheduling of results, to meet your timelines and deadlines.